Learn how to take your Startup to Scaleup in the shortest amount of time.

Entrepreneurs can help change the world! When Entrepreneurs receive funding, their next challenge is building a team- which is a leadership skill.

This show aims to help startup entrepreneurs discover the best leadership wisdom, insights, and ideas.

We interview bestselling authors, successful entrepreneurs, share stories and turn knowledge from the best leadership and personal development books.

We then extract essential, actionable steps for you to apply and get results.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and leaders build businesses that grow and flourish.

Do You Have What It Takes to be a Successful Entrepreneur?

Research shows that there are certain characteristics that can be identified in successful entrepreneurs.

Based on this research we have selected 12 essential characteristics that can be observed in Entrepreneurs that start, build, and develop their idea(s) into an actual business- one that can run without their involvement on a day-to-day basis.

Take the self-assessment and see if you have what it takes?